About us

Dynamically changing demands on the quality of human life as well as the rapid development of technology has resulted in increasing demands on the quality and efficiency of medical care. In response to these changes is the development of biomedical engineering. This is a new and rapidly advancing science, which uses extensive opportunities for technology in medicine.

The new trends in science intensive work continues newly opened BioLabs, serving as a research laboratory and diagnostic health center. For the purpose of monitoring the bio signal human body we use advanced technologies, which combine knowledge engineering sciences with knowledge of physiology and biochemistry. BioLabs is the result of collaboration by the Institute of Technology in electronics and photonics, and the Technological Institute of Sport at FEI STU with the company NanoDesign Ltd.

The workplace has professional fitness equipment and mechanisms for diagnosing primary bio module as EMG, ECG and EEG (muscle activity, brain and heart). Equipment includes the less common instruments such as stress detectors, sensors, blood oxygenation, sensitive thermal imager and a high-speed camera. The instruments are supplemented by large display surfaces.

The unique facilities include Biosense system, which is the result of a long research and development laboratory working group BioLabs. It is a system of intelligent wireless sensors to non-invasively monitor in real time the human body. Use of the system is very wide as it can shoot, pass, and then evaluate the electrical bio signals of muscle, brain and heart at a distance and without any restrictions.

BioLabs, in collaboration with the Technological Institute of Sport use Biosense system to monitor fatigue, muscle anomalies and distortions, thereby helps athletes to optimize performance. It is used for targeted rehabilitation after injuries and for people with wireless design is suitable for continuous monitoring of the elderly. Biosense long shoots heart activity, temperature and intensity of movement, and does not limit movement.